Just another gripe about AnastasiaDate.com

Just another gripe about AnastasiaDate.com. If you still think Anasatasia is the best company to do business with for online dating think twice.. Try this for grins; remove your credit card information from their site, I did not state change to another card I SAID remove your credit card information from their site. Once you file a credit card on their site you can NOT remove it!!! Their system will only allow you replace a credit card with another type or one. So all you guys that continue to say; you met the love of your life and so on. Remember your credit card is still there.. What is stopping the company from charging your card with false charges? I finally called my card company and had them put a hold on anything that may occur on my card. A good hacker only need to gain access to the password database to apply fraudulent charges or wipe out every cent in your cc account. hmmm more food for thought about this company. Buyer beware! Ohh wait they do not tell you that upfront about removing cc information.

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