Powerful! This is How to Forget Your Ex to Start a New Life

How to Forget Your Ex – Sometimes when we lose a loved one, we feel hurt, sad, and even angry. Whether the anger is directed at yourself or at a loved one. However, what you need to remember is, you can’t let yourself continue to sink.

Heartache is one of the risks that you really have to bear when undergoing a love relationship. You have to believe, that it is one of the processes to bring you to adulthood YourLatinMates and find a better love.

There are several things you can do to speed up the process of moving on  to forget your ex and start a new life. Don’t wait too long, see the steps below.

Go on Vacation – How to Forget Your Ex

It’s a good idea to use vacation as a way to forget your ex. By going on vacation, you can forget all the bad things that have happened and try to focus on your vacation. This way, you will feel more relaxed and reduce the burden of your life.

Starting a Hobby – How to Forget Your Ex

Everyone should have a hobby that they do regularly. By doing hobbies, you will be more busy and have fun activities in life. That way, your ex will slowly disappear from your mind.

Powerful! This is how to forget your ex to start a new life

Express your feelings

Expressing emotions is a very good thing to do. Because, it’s not good to keep your emotions in your heart. One of the best ways to express your emotions is to write in a diary or keep a journal.

Take care of yourself – How to Forget Your Ex

Sometimes when we lose an important person in our life, the YourLatinMates.Com sadness we feel can make us forget to take care of ourselves like basic things like bathing, eating, and sleeping. Make sure you follow this way of forgetting your ex so that you stay well-groomed.

Remove Stuff from Ex’s

One of the most painful things is when we see the clothes, shoes, watches and other items left by the ex-lover.

For that, you remove things from your ex-boyfriend so you can forget him more smoothly.

Meet New People – How to Forget Your Ex

In addition to expanding your network, getting to know new people can give you the opportunity to make new relationships. By socializing a lot, you will also find it easier to forget your ex-lover.

That’s the most powerful way to forget your ex, Toppers! The tips above will certainly help you to move on and forget your ex immediately! The most important thing, when you want to get over your ex is to keep yourself busy by finding a new hobby, such as taking up photography, exercising more diligently, and other positive activities.

How to Make a Caricature

 A caricature is a picture or painting that exaggerates the elements of the object of the image. So that the caricature will make the object of the image more funny and interesting to look at, because the appearance of a person who is used as an image looks unique.

Caricatures can not only be used as a display at home . This painting can be one of the most suitable items to give to people you consider special, Toppers! Especially if you can make it yourself. The method is not difficult, let’s see how to draw the following caricature.

After the equipment mentioned earlier you have prepared. Next, you can start making caricatures by paying attention to the steps below.

Steps to make a caricature:

  1. Determine the person to be caricatured. Then prepare a photo of that person to help you make a caricature.
  2. Prepare a pencil and paper, then draw the body of the caricature object with a small size. The image of the caricature object along with the clothes that become his trademark.
  3. After the body has been drawn, draw the head of the object. Don’t forget to exaggerate the shape of the object’s head, such as enlarging the head and forehead. This will make the caricature funny.
  4. Then, draw the hair of the caricature object. If you have long hair, you can draw hair so long that it touches your feet. Don’t be afraid to try, Toppers! Use an eraser if there is an error in drawing.
  5. Next, is the process of drawing the eyes. Draw the eyes of the caricature object according to the original. Also add a bright color using colored pencils in this section.
  6. After drawing the eyes, the next step is to draw the nose and mouth of the caricature object. Draw a nose with a slightly larger size. For the mouth, you can vary it based on the shape of the mouth or the object’s teeth. You can make the object’s teeth and lips large or teeth using braces or braces.
  7. Finally, color the caricature with colored pencils or crayons. Mix bright colors to make the caricature more colorful.

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That’s how to make caricatures for special people, Toppers! Making your own caricature will certainly make your special person’s feelings happier and more memorable.

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