Friendship: The Power to Cultivate Good Partnership Relationships

Friendship is a relationship of affinity, reciprocity, Good Partnership mutual help, respect and trust created between two or more people. According to Winnicott, friendship refers to the notions of intimacy, potential space, recognition of otherness and concern.

Creating a friendship is a bond that you choose, so it has a different weight than the family. Friends contribute to the construction of our own identity, ideas and values, a sense of belonging and life goals. Also, good friends are an antidote to physical and emotional ailments. That ‘s right, friendship is good for health.

Brazil celebrates the day of the friend twice a year, on July 20 and April 18. This fact alone shows us the strength of friendship in a country that cultivates partnership relationships. By studying friendship relationships, scientists have discovered things like the fact that we share more genes with SharekAlomre Good Partnership friends than with strangers, that we are more attractive when we are with a group of friends, and that at just 9 months of age we already understand the concept of friendship.

Several studies prove that, at least among chimpanzees, baboons, horses, hyenas, elephants, bats and dolphins, animals can form lifelong bonds with individuals outside their family . In Kenya, a friendship  between a century-old tortoise and a young hippo has been documented .

Why form friendship bonds?

What drives us to form bonds of friendship? In all studies on friendship, it has been recognized that people who have good friends have better health, less stress and more reproductive success, which is why friendship is an increasingly common trait in the species – this is what scientist Carl Carl points out. Zimmer.

When we create friendship relationships, we develop more empathy , we feel together with the other. We feel threatened when our friends are in danger, so we partner Good Partnership with others of the same species to thrive.

Initiating or caring for these relationships causes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that reduces tension levels and generates a calming effect. Regardless of gender, having friends is good. People with a wide network of friendships have lower tension, experience less stress , their defenses are stronger, and they live longer . Friends encourage good habits, ward off depression, help overcome illness , and produce satisfaction, pleasure, and happiness.

Friendship The Power to Cultivate Good Partnership Relationships

Multiple friends x Quality friends

In 1993, Oxford University anthropologist Robin Dunbar, studying primate social groups, found that each individual can only maintain up to a maximum of 150 meaningful relationships at the same time. Even so, most adults only have two best friends .

In the era of facebook friendships , the concept of true friendship relationships, based on the frequent sharing of real experiences and sensations, has become eroded. Of the 500 friends on facebook, we can count on our fingers those who live with our joys and Good Partnership pains , who we help without thinking twice.

Creating real relationships carries more emotional weight than sustaining many superficial relationships. Connections made from partnership and complicity are those that bring us greater solidity and comfort in life.

Although many people believe that having few friends generates loneliness , loneliness is not about not having friends. Feeling lonely doesn’t depend on the amount of Good Partnership people around you. This negative feeling has much more to do with not feeling connected, not feeling belonging, not generating real bonds with beings and the world.

What is true friendship like? – Good Partnership

Social practices and the meanings of friendship, like the meanings of love , are historically constituted and change depending on cultures and historical epochs.

Therefore, a friendship considered true can be very different for each person and in each period. However, the vast majority of friendships are based mainly on the feeling of empathy, that is, of putting yourself in the other’s shoes and wishing well. This feeling, often called genuine love, is what makes friendship such a light and positive relationship for everyone’s life.

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In this sense, true friendship is shown from the interest in the well-being of the other, from understanding without judgment. With a good friend, you are your best version. Each being strives to grow together, shares experiences, relieves pain, listens. How many people can you feel comfortable with sitting in silence for a few hours? Those are probably your best friends.

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