While there are plenty of romantic things to do in Seattle, when you’re just starting out as a couple, it’s important to find things to do that help you bond. What makes a perfect date? A shared experience that sparks conversation, an idea to get you excited about your impending relationship, and something you’ll remember fondly later in life, of course!

Luckily for our Seattle singles, there is no shortage of those from the Emerald City. Without further ado, here is our list of 7 great Seattle date ideas for new couples…

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  1. Pier 57.

There is no better way to get to know each other than by letting your hair down a bit. Choose Seattle’s historic waterfront and take advantage of its family fun; Pop into Ye Olde Curio Shop for the silliest gift you can buy, then head to Pier 57, one of the most surprising and romantic things to do in Seattle.

There you can take on each other in couple amusements (beware, ticket collecting can get competitive VERY quickly) before grabbing a bite to eat – The Crab Pot offers simple but very good fare, and we highly recommend it. End the date with a ride on The Seattle Great Wheel, not least for its old-fashioned charm and fabulous views of Elliott Bay.

  1. Henry Art Gallery.

There’s nothing more romantic to do in Seattle than choose one of the city’s cultural institutes or museums and head there for an event or exhibition. A great way for new couples to bond, everyone is critical when art is involved!

The Henry Art Gallery is a great option, because the modern art on display is perfect for couple sparking conversation. However, keep in mind that modern art can be very divisive. If your date is an art lover, don’t ask “Yeah, but what is it?” If you can’t come to a consensus, go hang out with the Fremont Troll nearby, because, well, who doesn’t love him?

  1. The pink door.

Walking through the pink door at Pike Place Market is a bit like falling down the rabbit hole. Much more than a dining experience, locals and visitors alike are drawn to The Pink Door for its to-die-for Italian food, its outdoor seating that’s ideal for summer, and its entertainment – elegant burlesque and trapeze are always on the menu. menu. Go with high expectations and they will almost certainly be met or exceeded. Reservations are a very good idea. flirtwith

  1. The Couple EMP.

Located inside Frank Gehry’s remarkable building, the Experience Music Project is one of Seattle’s most popular museums for good reason. When you’re just starting out dating, it’s a good opportunity to gauge each other’s taste in music and pop culture in general. And remember that the EMP is more than a museum; You can also play music, record a music video, and play instruments and turntables. Find some compatibility here and soon you could be making beautiful music together, as well as having someone to play with for life.

Being in this popular and touristy part of town is also handy for after… if you want to extend your couple date, why not check out the Chihuly Museum or take a ride on the Seattle Ducks, depending on your cultural level? interest in that stage! Or you can just take the monorail downtown to check out the next of our Seattle date ideas…

  1. Sky View Observatory.

Don’t get us wrong, we love the Space Needle. We mean no disrespect by choosing the Sky View Observatory over its more famous cousin. Thing is, the Sky View Observatory is a little less busy (better for a date) and you can see a little more with the extra height you get from the 73rd floor of the Columbia Center.

The best part, of course, is the wonderful views: get a 360-degree panorama of the city and point out your favorite homes and places to each other. It’s a great way to start a conversation about your own personal experience and life in the city. Also, you can get great photo backgrounds of the two of you to create memories that will last a lifetime. Enjoy Mt Rainier, Elliott Bay and, you guessed it, the Space Needle. You can’t do that from the top of the Space Needle, can you?

  1. Can Couple Can.

Have you been to Can Can yet? This is a Seattle date spot that deserves its massive popularity, and what’s not to love? The Can Can has cocktails, cabaret, and a turn-of-the-century Parisian theme that is a big hit with punters and keeps regulars coming back again and again. If you have the Moulin Rouge fantasy to live out, this is the place to do it, for that reason it’s our top pick for a night out for drinks and also one of our favorite Seattle date ideas.

  1. Central cinema.

Featuring classic and cult movies, Central Cinema has long been an institution for Seattle date night. If you’re couple not already familiar with it, Central Cinema offers sit-down dining; the classic “dinner and a movie” date is much more efficient here! More than that, though, it’s simply a great place for movie fans to join in on their favorite guilty pleasures: singing and even dating are regular features of the show here. flirtwith.com

Of course, movies aren’t the only thing on offer here. One of our favorite Seattle date ideas is going to the Central Cinema for one of their trivia nights. We love quizzes, they’re a great way to unleash your inner nerd and get rewarded for it, and nowhere are they more prevalent or more fun than here. Do you think your date could also be a movie buff? You could make the perfect team…

Additional choice: Canlis.

Canlis is as obvious a choice as there is; hardly counts as a date idea, this one is for outsiders. Canlis is a wonderful place. Overlooking Lake Union, the restaurant is so revered by diners and critics alike that you can’t go wrong making a reservation here. If all the other date ideas don’t impress, this one won’t. It’s almost too safe a choice. But if your date really loves fine dining and fine wines, and if you met on Elite Singles, chances are she does, then book. Any list of Seattle date ideas would be remiss without it.

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